Month: December 2017

Garmin Approach S3: the satellite protagonist of the Green

For some years on the green there is a satellite protagonist:  Garmin , world leader in the GPS world, continues to develop solutions designed for golfers and announces the arrival in market of the latest product exclusively dedicated to golf:  Approach S3 . First wrist GPS for lovers of the green with touchscreen, Approach S3 has  a sophisticated and elegant design, so can also be worn for city use. From a technical point of view, Approach S3 has preloaded maps of 27,000 global fields, all accessible without having to subscribe to any subscription. Waterproof and robust, the new Garmin GPS features a high-definition touchscreen that can also be used while wearing gloves. With the innovative Green View function it will be possible to manually position the pin directly on the GPS display, as well as to calculate distances from the curves and the layup points. From today, golfers will be able to play every game with greater precision.

Garmin Approach S3 is available in two colors: white or black, with details in pie de poule, and red profile. It will also be possible to customize the background color by choosing from the menu those made available to the user. «This innovative touchscreen GPS will allow all golf enthusiasts to play their full potential – said Luca Sannazzari, Sales & MarketingManager of the Fitness & Outdoor division of Garmin Italia – Thanks to the availability of a high number of maps of golf courses worldwide and the automatic field detection function directly from your wrist, every golfer will feel “at home” on any green.

 We are confident that features such as Green View and the touchscreen will become extremely familiar to players, who cannot fail to use Approach S3 in their challenges in golf clubs around the world . “Manual positioning of the pin – With the new and revolutionary Green View function golfers will have the real vision of the green they are on and position, thanks to the touchscreen, the flag so as to be able to predict the shot with the utmost precision and accuracy .

Preloaded Fields – With Approach S3, Garmin keeps the promises made to all golfers again. In fact, 27,000 maps of the same number of world-class golf courses are preloaded, free of charge and without having to subscribe to any subscription. In this way it will be possible for every user to have a certain familiarity with the field he is playing on. In addition, Garmin constantly provides free updates on field mappings, to ensure increasingly realistic data to guarantee a high level of gaming accuracy. The Green View function automatically updates the position on the field, presenting it to the player in the most correct way.

Increase the speed of play – The use of Approach S3 brings other advantages, including increased game speed thanks to the automatic calculation of the distance to the front, center and back of the green, and other information such as layup points and the dog-leg approach points. In addition, players can add custom points (and calculate their distance) or evaluate the presence of obstacles (bunkers, trees) that could affect their stroke.

Accurate and fast calculation of the score – With Approach S3 tracking and scoring the score during a game is fast, simple and accurate. Each player can review the results obtained on the green directly on the GPS device or by downloading the printable version after transferring them to their computer. Next to the scoring function, to underline the presence of the Stroke Play and Stableford functions.

Brilliant touchscreen and long battery life – With a weight of only 72 grams, Approach S3 boasts a high-resolution touchscreen display, clearly readable even under the sunlight, for immediate and fast viewing of game data. With an autonomy of eight hours in “game” mode, Approach S3 has a maximum duration of four weeks if set for use as a simple sport watch. Recharging it is very simple: a magnetic clip will quickly complete the charge of the instrument.

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