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Welcome to UAE Technician for Apple Repair services – repairs, maintenance and consulting around Apple Mac.

We at UAE Technician you with comprehensive services around the Mac. We advise you before buying install and maintain your equipment and repair it in the event of a defect. We take care of the technology – and you have the head free for your creativity. We are the competent contact for companies and private customers.

Our Apple Repair services:

  • Repairs (Apple devices *, except iPhone)
  • remote maintenance
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Apple service and support.

* iPads : We are repair of defective parts and also complete device exchange.

UAE Technician is a certified Apple Repair service provider:

Contact your Apple repairs we will help you competently and reliably:

apple repair

  • We offer service within and outside the manufacturing guarantee.
  • Your orders are run by four Apple Certified Technicians.
  • Most repairs can be done within one working day.
  • Your sensitive data is secure with us and do not go out.
  • For customers with a desktop Mac, we provide a free on-site service in conjunction with the Apple Care Protection Plan.
  • In case of hard disk defects, we can often recover deleted or destroyed data.

We are happy to take care of your concerns. To avoid waiting time, please make an appointment. The throughput times are generally three to five working days (depending on the complexity of the diagnosis), often less.

To make a service appointment, call 0557503724.

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