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apple repairCall us @ 0557503724 for best Dubai Apple repair services

Welcome to UAE Technician for Apple Repair services – repairs, maintenance and consulting around Apple Mac.

We at UAE Technician you with comprehensive services around the Mac. We advise you before buying install and maintain your equipment and repair it in the event of a defect. We take care of the technology – and you have the head free for your creativity. We are the competent contact for companies and private customers.

Our Apple Repair services:

  • Repairs (Apple devices *, except iPhone)
  • remote maintenance
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Apple service and support.

* iPads : We are repair of defective parts and also complete device exchange.

UAE Technician is a certified Apple Repair service provider:

Contact your Apple repairs we will help you competently and reliably:

apple repair

  • We offer service within and outside the manufacturing guarantee.
  • Your orders are run by four Apple Certified Technicians.
  • Most repairs can be done within one working day.
  • Your sensitive data is secure with us and do not go out.
  • For customers with a desktop Mac, we provide a free on-site service in conjunction with the Apple Care Protection Plan.
  • In case of hard disk defects, we can often recover deleted or destroyed data.

We are happy to take care of your concerns. To avoid waiting time, please make an appointment. The throughput times are generally three to five working days (depending on the complexity of the diagnosis), often less.

To make a service appointment, call 0557503724.

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How to recover data from broken computer or laptop

I understand. I know what it means to have a broken computer and not know how to retrieve the data. Thousands of files, photos, miscellaneous jobs, mp3s, go to smoke and inaccessible just because you cannot turn on a computer.

But I have good news for you. The solutions are there and are all within reach.

In this article I will explain how to recover data from a broken, corrupted, compromised computer. Whether the problem comes from the software or from hardware, if your hard disk is not compromised, your files are easy to recover.

You will surely find yourself in front of two cases:

Your computer turns on but Windows (or any other operating system) is damaged. Never formatting in these cases, you may compromise your data definitely, especially if you reinstall the operating system. First, retrieve the data, and only when you save them to another media, reinstall the operating system.

Your computer does not turn on, for example, when the motherboard is damaged. In this case, you extract the hard disk and recover in the way that I will tell you later.

Know before continuing this article, that any action taken after reading this is under your full responsibility. Data recovery is a delicate operation that must be accomplished by experienced hands, so if you do not know what you are doing, do not do it . This is because, although the operations I will describe are simple, if done incorrectly, they can result in the permanent loss of your important data.

But now we continue with the article we analyze case by case:


Data recovery from broken computer: Windows does not start


This is the easiest way to recover data. Our goal is to view the contents of the hard disk without starting the operating system that as mentioned earlier is damaged. There are some versions of Windows and Linux that are called Live versions . Live versions means they are not installed on the hard drive but are bootable from the cd and are designed specifically to solve technical issues on your computer.

A famous version is Hiren’s Boot Cd . This has a set of really great installed tools. You can retrieve data, check the status of your hard drive, ram, and more. In short, a version made for technicians.

Alternatively, you can create a live version of Windows, also using Bart Pe Builder , a software that lets you create live versions on a CD and boot it from your computer. Specifically, the program creates .iso files, that is, the image files you can burn, using the appropriate functions, in an empty cd. Since your computer does not start, you can try creating a live CD from another PC.

1 Step, Settings from Bios


If so, you can also skip this paragraph if your computer’s BIOS is already set up correctly.

To start booting from the cd, we need to set the right settings in the Bios, the program that allows the operating system to boot. If you are not good at computers, be careful when entering the Bios because you may want to modify unwanted settings.

To say the Bios is that program you see as soon as you turn on the computer, the program shuts for a few seconds and then disappears. If you watch, as soon as you start your computer, you will see that the Bios itself tells you how to access. In fact, typically at the bottom, a typeface is displayed: press Delete , or press ESC , or press F2 again.

Then press the button. Once you enter the Bios you will have to make sure that in the Boot phase, ie in the boot phase, read the CD first and then the hard drive. These settings may be unnecessary; in fact your Bios may already be set to read the Cd Live when the computer is turned on before the hard drive. In fact you have to keep in mind one thing:

if the BIOS first reads the hard drive, then the operating system installed on the hard disk first starts, if it reads the cd first, it will start what is first in the cd (especially if it is a boot cd, for example live versions we will go).

 2 Step: Retrieve data from the old hard disk partition

Started Windows from the live cd go to Start , then on Computer and note how many partitions are available. You will definitely front partitions as C: or D: .

One of these should be the old partition where you saved old files, photos, various jobs, in short, all your precious data to recover. Now, connect an external hard drive to your PC through the USB port and transfer your precious data to the external media.

Retrieve computer data that does not turn on

To retrieve data from a computer by turning on the speech is less machinable from the software point of view, but you have some manual operation to do. First you need to disassemble the hard drive from your computer, and then use a USB SATA / IDE converter to recover data easily. Having to deal with my clients’ computers, I have often faced this problem: recovering files from computers that did not turn on. I was going to connect the hard drives in a machine (another way to call a computer) that I used to hook up to this, hooking them up like Slave . This can also be done by you: it is about to connect as SCHIAVO a hard drive along with the main one in the data bus.

It’s a long and tiring operation, but I do not recommend it. My recovery job changed when I discovered the converter that converts data from SATA / IDE (typical hard drives) to USB. I’ve got this model on Amazon, a product that has turned out to be really efficient even with old hard drives. It manages both 2.5 and 3.5-inch hard drives.

The operations you have to do in this case are three:

Pull the hard drive out of your computer. For notebooks it will be enough to open the back door to pull it out and you laptop data will be safe.

Connect the hard drive to the converter device, which in turn will have to be connected through the USB port to another perfectly working computer.

Recharge the data from the device to which the device will give you access, usually a drive such as E: or F will appear in the Windows Computer section. Hopefully your all data will be recover

Well, we came to the end of our article. Certainly the operations to be performed require delicacy and competence, but if you follow my directions and you are well documented on the internet about what you do not know, it should not be difficult. And remember that responsibility for the safety and health of your data and just yours, as well as everything you will do with your hands. If you have any doubt please feel free to ask for comments about data recovery.

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How to order the repair services in Dubai

How to order the repair services for Phone, Laptop, Computer in Dubai of all Brand.

UAE Technician offers appropriate spare parts for each mobile phone and tablet on the market. Everything you need to repair your device you can find here. Our warehouse has spare parts for any model of mobile phone so that repair takes only a few hours.

In the “Repair” category, located in the menu on the left, choose the manufacturer and model of your device. Then you have the option of choosing between battery repair, camera, audio jack, flex cable, touch screen or more. If you do not know what is damaged in your smartphone, then you can simply choose the service “diagnosis” and our technicians will discover what damage it is. After selecting your repair, click ” Enter your details through our website contact us form. As we will get your query  our technical technician team will contact you within maximum 30 minutes.

What phone or tablet model can be repair at UAE TECHNICAL?

We repair all Smartphone models, including the given below models.

APPLE – We offer a full range of Apple device repairs: iPhone repair, iPod repair, iPad repair: repairs of LCD screens, buttons, antenna, battery etc. We also offer a wide range of spare parts for all Apple products.

SAMSUNG – Samsung offers a large number of phone models, and we can repair almost all of them! Whether it’s a broken screen, keyboard problem, battery problem – we can help you with the Samsung repair service!

NOKIA – If your Nokia mobile phone does not work properly, send it to our Nokia repair department and we will do full diagnosis and a quick repair!

SONY – In recent years, Sony has introduced a new popular range of smartphones – Xperia. If you have any of these patterns and you have problems with it, do not worry – we have the solution!

BLACKBERRY – With the new high-end smartphone, Z10, Blackberry has regained its position as an outstanding smartphone manufacturer. If you need spare parts of Blackberry, you know where to find them!

LG – The LG Optimus series has been quite popular lately. No wonder then more and more people are buying these high-quality, but affordable smartphones.

HTC – HTC repair is becoming more and more necessary as the brand becomes more and more popular. We are repairing HTC Android and Windows with great success.

MOTOROLA – Our skilled technicians will easily find a solution to any problem you may have with your Motorola phone, using Motorola spare parts.

HUAWEI – Huawei has grown rapidly over the past three years and their Android phones are becoming more popular, hence a greater need for spare parts. Huawei Mobile Phones Repair



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Data Recovery| Computer data recovery in Dubai

computer data recoveryCall us @ 0557503724 for best computer data recovery services in Dubai

Cannot access data on your Computer? Stay calm! UAE Technician can help you recover all your important data after any data loss situations you are likely to encounter. We are providing best computer data recovery services in Dubai by our certified and skilled technician.

With UAE Technician, data loss is never permanent. UAE Technician has a special team of experts in computer data recovery, advanced tools and techniques, an in-house R & D department, an classroom clean room laboratory, and has the skills to recover, to 100% of the computer data after all the situations of loss of data.

UAE Technician allows the computer data recovery from all types of offices regardless of the brand / model and any file system / operating data recovery

  • Operating Systems / File Systems
  • Windows: NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT
  • Macintosh: HFS, HFS +, HFSX and HFS Wrapper
  • LINUX: Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS
  • Novell: NSS, NWFS

Call us for a free consultation: 055 750 3724

Symptoms of data loss from Computer.

The list of incidents that can cause data loss is not limited; however some of the main causes can be accidental deletion, virus attack, operating system malfunction or damage to the laptop following a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, etc. Your office may show the following symptoms.

  • The computer makes an unusual noise and stops frequently.
  • The desktop does not open or shows the “blue screen of death”.
  • Hard drive noise, which is inside the desktop
  • The desktop does not detect the hard drive or the drive is inaccessible.
  • The PC is too long to start and often fails.
  • The desktop appears slowly and some folders are missing.

If your data is important, never try to retrieve your computer data on your own or through an inexperienced service provider; this can seriously damage your PC and result in permanent loss of data.

How can UAE Technician help you to recover your data from computer?

Recovery of computer data requires a systematic approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure (White Room of CLASS), a large inventory of hard drives and the experience of specialists like UAE Technician, which explains why UAE Technician benefits from the confidence of millions of IT professionals across UAE.

For a free consultation contact us at: 055 750 3724

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iPhone repair and shipping in Dubai

Those who live far away from Dubai main City or cannot come in personally at repair services centre in Dubai but need to fix their iPhone, can send us by mail and we will repair it. Thanks to our iPhone repair and shipping services, in fact, the UAE Technician service does not know the distance for the customer services.

You have the option to ship your iPhone by mail or courier explaining to us what is the problem or, if you know, what type of repair you want it to run. We, received your iPhone, will take care of it and make sure you come back as before. However, for technical issues that may not depend on us, we strongly encourage you to back up any data you do not want to be lost before sending out your iPhone. Our technicians are highly specialized in the maintenance and repair of Apple products, so you can rely on Serious Care at UAE Technician for your iPhone.

We treat with utmost care and attention to every detail the iPhone we repair. We have a lot of experience and are prepared to repair all models: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6.

Experienced and professional, our technicians only use genuine Apple parts to service and repair them to ensure maximum performance, perfect compatibility with your device, and all the quality that the Apple brand assures. We also recommend that you use only original Apple accessories to prevent damage or malfunction.


Send us your iPhone damaged without any  hesitation, even when it seems to you that the damage is irreparable or issues that require too much costly intervention: many times what is apparently a big deal in the eyes of our staff could be an ordinary repair that, without spending a lot of money, can give you a perfectly functioning smartphone.

Maintenance and repair of the iPhone are often routine interventions that allow you to always have an iPhone at most of its chances and longer life. Taking care of your iPhone, even with the support of technicians who know where to put your hands, is the best way to make the most of your device and enjoy full performance throughout your life cycle.

One of the warnings is what we’ve already said: Make a backup of the data. We can not assume responsibility for any data loss while repairing your iPhone, so it’s best to save a backup before you ship your iPhone. We also advise you to send us sim cards or other accessories along with your iPhone, so we can take responsibility for everything that comes to us only for the time spent in our lab: everything that happens during shipping is not our responsibility, so, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents, only send your iPhone.


Repairing your iPhone from UAE Technician costs less and is faster. We will receive your iPhone, we will repair it as soon as possible and we will send it back to you instantly. You will be able to bring your iPhone as new in just a few days.

Many have already chosen to try UAE Technician iPhone repair and shipping service in Dubai.

Contact us @ 0557503724 for more information about service costs and details!

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We are providing MSI repair services in Dubai

MSI repair servicesDial 0557503724 for getting your MSI repair services

Computer service technician at home, expert in repairing MSI computer in Dubai and around
Our technical service at home offers:

  • Msi laptop repair
  • Fix laptop computers Msi
  • Repairing Msi Laptop

We have highly qualified professionals for the repair of these equipment, will solve any type of incidence regardless of the Msi model you have.

Do you need to Msi computer repair?

Leave your laptop or desktop computer in the best hands. Leaders in the sector. We have the best technicians at home who will go to the place of repair completely free of charge. Hire our technical service at home enjoy your free time while the best professionals carry out the repair of your Msi laptop.

Laptop Repair MSI Gaming Series

Laptops designed to offer the best video game experience. Thanks to an important amount of multimedia features, it offers the possibility of turning the computer into a true center of digital entertainment, enjoying images with the best quality through large screens, amazing 3D modeling and extremely detailed textures. It should be noted that this family of computers uses the exclusive “GPU Boost” technology, through which they achieve the ideal balance between performance and battery consumption. In this way, through a simple button you can toggle between different profiles of energy consumption.

Common problems with your MSI computer

  • LCD Break / ScreenMSI repair
  • Hanging / freezing the laptop
  • Problems starting the laptop
  • Track-pad malfunction
  • Wi-Fi not working
  • Hard disk failure
  • Corrupt operating system
  • Keyboard malfunction
  • Laptop Battery Failure
  • Replacing the Notebook Case
  • Removed and cleaned of viruses
  • Problems with laptop warming

Laptop Repair MSI X-Slim Series

The “X” line of ultra thin MSI laptops is made up of devices that have been developed with the aim of combining the latest in technical components with a truly attractive appearance. They feature state-of-the-art processors that provide the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, always obtaining the best performance. They implement a polymer battery of lithium capable of extending the autonomy for more than 9 hours. These laptops, on the other hand, offer the ability to function as a true digital entertainment platform.

Laptop Repair MSI Classic Series

Leaving behind the stereotype of regular, heavy and rigid laptops, the new C-series offers a thinner and lighter option for more practical use and easy transport. The elegant design of the chiclet keyboard reduces typing errors while increasing user comfort, unlike regular keyboards.

Laptop Repair MSI Wind Netbook

These devices combine the best of 10 “netbooks such as their approximate weight and lightness, and the best of the” thin & light “ultraportable of the 13.3” larger size keyboards, usually full size, larger touchpads, and what is more important, larger screens and higher resolution, also have the possibility to combine processors of greater power than the Intel Atom that equip netbooks.

Laptop Repair MSI F Series

They are the result of combining the perfection of aesthetics with the latest technology. Its elegant checkered exterior designs with anti-fingerprint system will help you to show others your taste for quality. Provided by the elegant MSI chiclet keyboard that reduces typing errors and improves comfort. In addition they include ECO Engine energy management system, which allows users to select the mode of use among the 5 offered.

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Mac Data Recovery in Dubai

Mac Data Recovery

Call us @ 0557503724 for Mac Data Recovery of  deleted files from the bin of a Mac computer?

To recover deleted files from the bin of a Mac Lion, you can try a recovery program – Recovery from a Mac’s trash. Here, humbly, we recommend Wonder share Mac Data Recovery, an easy-to-use data recovery allows you to recover images, documents, songs, videos, etc. formatted, deleted and inaccessible from your Macbook, iPod and Mac, USB drives, digital cameras, mobile phones and other storage media. Its easy-to-use interface will allow you to recover deleted files from a Mac bin with just a few clicks. If the storage space was not rewritten, data recovery is 100% feasible.

UAE Technician tool to recover lost mac data files due to any reason!

We are providing recovery services for your Mac or other media devices Lost files can be very easy now with UAE Technician Data Recovery for Mac. This awesome application is developed to provide a global solution for Mac users to recover deleted and lost hard drive files Mac, MP3 / MP4 player, mobile phones and most other storage devices easily. It is compatible with users to recover almost all usual types of files through Mac with simple clicks.

  • Works well in recovering formatted, deleted and lost data through a Mac.
  • Scans files quickly from Mac hard drives or other storage media for later recovery.
  • Supports finding almost all regular file types for data recovery.
  • A Mac data recovery software just reading and no risks to make things extremely easy.

How to recover deleted and lost data files from your Mac OS X?

What if we decided to empty the bin?
When we empty the bin (we do not refer to a safe dump), what we delete is not really a file. Such an action simply makes it impossible for you to access the system file. The space occupied by the deleted files is marked as “available”, to “reuse”, meaning that the deleted files continue physically on the disk, until they are rewritten by others. They will only be deleted when rewritten by new files. If we want to recover deleted files from the Mac’s trash, we must prevent them from being rewritten, by not using the Mac immediately.

Contact Us – UAE Technician Mac Data Recovery

Location : F1 SYSTEMS LLC
Address: Box No. 125076,
Dubai, Emirates.
Call Us (24*7) : 0557503724
Email Us :

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Dell Laptop Repair in Dubai, UAE

Call us @ 0557503724 for gating Dell Laptop Repair services in Dubai

I know that your laptop is very important for you. If you are doing the work regularly on your laptop. Dell laptop is one of the international laptop brands. Are you facing any hardware issues with your laptop like laptop heating issue, screen crack, liquid damage, keyboard Keys issues, motherboard related and any issues with your laptop & computer. Don’t worry! We have especially Dell Laptop Repair team for giving solution for any kind of issues related to your laptop, which is repair your laptop where you comfortable like your doorstep and office.

Dell laptop water damage repair in Dubai

The water and any kind of liquid spilled over the keyboard and the screen on your Dell laptop. Your laptop damaged and your laptop screen color went white. Don’t irritate! Call us now at 0557503724 to resolve all issues which is looking by you. We have ten years experience in repairing field of Dell computer & laptop. We are also providing services on your doorstep and office where you are comfortable. Our Dell repair technician can pick up your laptop from your home and office to repair your laptop anytime in Dubai, UAE .

The Dell Laptop Repair services which is provided by us. Such that like: –


  • Dell-service-center
  • Dell-laptop-screen-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-battery-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-hard-disk-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-adapter-repair
  • Dell-laptop-motherboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-heating-repair
  • Dell-laptop-camera-repair
  • Dell-laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-water-damage

What we offer:

  • 24*7*365 hours services.
  • Drop It Off or we pick it up – You Decide
  • Services available at anywhere in Dubai
  • Used only Dell Genuine Parts
  • Specially Technician Team for Dell laptop

Contact us @ 0557503724 for resolve Dell laptop water damage repair issues at anytime and anywhere in Dubai.

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Dubai Compaq laptop & computer repair services

Dial 0557503724 for gating services to Compaq Laptop Repair in Dubai

Compaq is a multinational brand which is making Computer, Laptop, Tablets and parts of laptop and computer related. Are Facing any kind of problem related to your laptop hardware and your computer and laptop doesn’t work properly. Then you need to repair your laptop & computer. We have certified and 10 years experienced technician in Compaq laptop repair services in Dubai. We are providing services better and better in low price and used only Compaq genuine parts.

Compaq laptop battery replacement in Dubai, UAE

You are facing any kind issues with your laptop battery than you need to replace battery. We are providing you only Compaq battery to replace your battery. We have a technician team to replace your Compaq laptop battery anywhere anytime in Dubai. We know how important your laptop is to you and how much their absence can impact your lives. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for repairing laptop and desktop user. Call us at 0557503724 to getting services related to your Compaq Laptop repair in Dubai, UAE.

The services which is provided by us to Compaq Laptop Repair services in Dubai. Such that like: –


  • Compaq-computer-laptop-repairCompaq-Laptop-Computer-Repair-in-Dubai
  • Compaq-laptop-screen-replacement
  • Compaq-laptop-battery-replacement
  • Compaq-laptop-adapter-repair
  • Compaq-laptop-motherboard-repair-replacement
  • Compaq-laptop-heating-repair
  • Compaq-laptop-camera-repair
  • Compaq-laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Compaq-laptop-water-damage
  • Compaq-Laptop-hard-disk-replacement

Contact us @ 0557503724 for resolve your Compaq Laptop issues at your home and office.

What we offer you:-

  • 24*7*365 hours services availability.
  • Services available in Dubai
  • Used only Compaq Genuine Parts
  • Specially Technician Team for Compaq laptop repair
  • Free convenience
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ASUS repair in Dubai, UAE

Dial 0557503724 for Asus repair in Dubai, UAE

We’re here to provide you with best solution for your Asus system. Asus -certified repairs are performed by trusted experts. Start your repair request now via Asus services provided by  number @0557503724 or visit to our website to more about ASUS repair services.

ASUS repair for Battery issues and screen replacement

If you’re experiencing trouble with your battery, you system might require a repair. Surely you need to replace your battery as soon as possible. Contact us for replacement and change of your battery. Are you looking any kind of issues related to the ASUS? Such as like:-

  • ASUS Motherboard RepairAsus-Laptop-Computer-Repair-in-Dubai
  • ASUS Keyboard Repair
  • ASUS Glass Change
  • ASUS screen Replacement
  • ASUS Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Hanging Home screen help
  • Battery replacements
  • And many more ASUS related issues.

For best ASUS certified technician to provides solutions related to any issues of ASUS repair Call us @ 0557503724.

What we offer:

  • Services provided at anywhere in Dubai
  • Only used ASUS Parts
  • Specially Trained and ASUS certified Staff
  • Free convenience
  • 24*7*365 hours services.
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