Garmin Approach S3: the satellite protagonist of the Green

For some years on the green there is a satellite protagonist:  Garmin , world leader in the GPS world, continues to develop solutions designed for golfers and announces the arrival in market of the latest product exclusively dedicated to golf:  Approach S3 . First wrist GPS for lovers of the green with touchscreen, Approach S3 has  a sophisticated and elegant design, so can also be worn for city use. From a technical point of view, Approach S3 has preloaded maps of 27,000 global fields, all accessible without having to subscribe to any subscription. Waterproof and robust, the new Garmin GPS features a high-definition touchscreen that can also be used while wearing gloves. With the innovative Green View function it will be possible to manually position the pin directly on the GPS display, as well as to calculate distances from the curves and the layup points. From today, golfers will be able to play every game with greater precision.

Garmin Approach S3 is available in two colors: white or black, with details in pie de poule, and red profile. It will also be possible to customize the background color by choosing from the menu those made available to the user. «This innovative touchscreen GPS will allow all golf enthusiasts to play their full potential – said Luca Sannazzari, Sales & MarketingManager of the Fitness & Outdoor division of Garmin Italia – Thanks to the availability of a high number of maps of golf courses worldwide and the automatic field detection function directly from your wrist, every golfer will feel “at home” on any green.

 We are confident that features such as Green View and the touchscreen will become extremely familiar to players, who cannot fail to use Approach S3 in their challenges in golf clubs around the world . “Manual positioning of the pin – With the new and revolutionary Green View function golfers will have the real vision of the green they are on and position, thanks to the touchscreen, the flag so as to be able to predict the shot with the utmost precision and accuracy .

Preloaded Fields – With Approach S3, Garmin keeps the promises made to all golfers again. In fact, 27,000 maps of the same number of world-class golf courses are preloaded, free of charge and without having to subscribe to any subscription. In this way it will be possible for every user to have a certain familiarity with the field he is playing on. In addition, Garmin constantly provides free updates on field mappings, to ensure increasingly realistic data to guarantee a high level of gaming accuracy. The Green View function automatically updates the position on the field, presenting it to the player in the most correct way.

Increase the speed of play – The use of Approach S3 brings other advantages, including increased game speed thanks to the automatic calculation of the distance to the front, center and back of the green, and other information such as layup points and the dog-leg approach points. In addition, players can add custom points (and calculate their distance) or evaluate the presence of obstacles (bunkers, trees) that could affect their stroke.

Accurate and fast calculation of the score – With Approach S3 tracking and scoring the score during a game is fast, simple and accurate. Each player can review the results obtained on the green directly on the GPS device or by downloading the printable version after transferring them to their computer. Next to the scoring function, to underline the presence of the Stroke Play and Stableford functions.

Brilliant touchscreen and long battery life – With a weight of only 72 grams, Approach S3 boasts a high-resolution touchscreen display, clearly readable even under the sunlight, for immediate and fast viewing of game data. With an autonomy of eight hours in “game” mode, Approach S3 has a maximum duration of four weeks if set for use as a simple sport watch. Recharging it is very simple: a magnetic clip will quickly complete the charge of the instrument.

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Laptop Repair Sony: SONY VAIO Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Dubai

SONY VAIO Laptop Screen ReplacementCall us at 0557503724 to SONY VAIO Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Dubai

  • SONY VAIO Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair and Replacement Laptops Screen (All measurements and all sizes).
  • Replacement Laptop keyboard and RAM increase.
  • Reballing graphic card and Replacement Graphic Chip.
  • Repair and replacement of Laptop and Desktop Baseplate.
  • Replace and / or repair Inverter plate.
  • Internal Cleaning Computers: Includes cooling and ventilation system.
  • Replacing Power Connector (DC Jack Change).
  • Hard Disk Exchange, and repair Sectors and damaged tracks.
  • Reinstallation of the Windows Operating System and installation of Updates and Drivers.
  • Elimination of viruses and noise, and overheating problems.
  • We have Data Recovery Service.

UAE Technician provides most services for your computers, laptops, netbooks, PCs, etc …

The SONY VAIO repair services of UAE Technician, offers a customized service to solve the most complex problems of your computers, laptops, netbooks, PCs, etc …

We have extensive experience in repairing any model of the Sony family: Vaio, SVF, PCG, VGN, VPC, etc …

SONY VAIO Laptop Screen Replacement DubaiIn our Technical Service we have facilities with our own electronic laboratory, technologically equipped to perform the repair of your equipment in a short time. In addition, the permanent stock of parts *, from our warehouse, allows us to quickly attend to the repairs of your devices.

  • All Original Parts in our repairs.
  • Free pick-up service throughout Spain. *
  • Warranty on all repairs.
  • Budget without Commitment, FREE.
  • Telephone support without limits. We solve all your doubts.
  • Very responsive response times: 24h-48h or “according to availability of pieces”.

*Free collection in repairs over minimum cast which is defines by UAE Technician. In the lower case consult cost per trip.

*The permanent stock of pieces refers to spare parts common to all computer models.

*For specific refills of a particular model, UAE Technician has a large stock but not total.

*Consult specific term.

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Computer Hardware Repair Services in Dubai by UAE Technician

Repair, when done well, is always the most convenient solution in the field of computer science

The repair when done well, it is always the most convenient solution in the field of computer science. It is in standard situations, but it is even more if it is a recent or very special product. UAE TECHNICIAN at its headquarters in Dubai has a very active laboratory entrusted to highly specialized technicians. Customers can call us, bring our own equipment from us, meet personally the repair manager; a technical sheet will be filled in which will describe the conditions of the pc upon arrival and the work to be carried out. Later, in a timely manner, the customer will be contacted by the lab and will decide in full autonomy if proceeding with the repair on the basis of the quote and the advice of the technicians; once approved,

If the customer decides not to repair, only a small fee for technical analysis and consultancy will be charged. If, instead of repairing outdated material, it would be more appropriate to buy a new car from us, the evaluation fee and advice will be reversed at the time of the balance of the new material. In its nearly ten years of life, UAE TECHNICIAN ‘s service center has solved all sorts of problems, trying to always put the top spot in full transparency on the client’s interest and needs. It’s not always easy for people to separate themselves from their Notebooks or Tablets; the advice of our technicians always tries to ensure that the convenience and the demands of those who rely on us go hand in hand with objective evaluations.


In addition to our Technician Centre, UAE TECHNICIAN employs a valued network of specialist centers for damage assessment and problem solving; we get quick and definitive results through cutting-edge professional tools and highly qualified staff.


What do we repair?

Notebook repair

Personal Computer repair

Monitor repair

Playstation repair

Xbox repair

Nintendo Ds repair

Cell Phones repair

Tablet repair

Smartphone and iPhone repair

iPad repair

We believe to provide the satisfactory solution to our all valuable clients always. So feel free to connect with us for computer related hardware, software or network related issue.

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Computer, Laptop Repair Services Center in Dubai

We are at UAE Technician located in Dubai and providing the complte computer repair, Desktop Repair as well data recovery services in Dubai.

We are dedicated to recover your all Laptop and desktop repairing concern at very much affordable price in Google. So please call us about For Computer, Laptop & Mac Repair within very much affordable price in Dubai.

We provide the best repairing service for the following issue in your computer.

Quick access to Personal Computer,

Notebook Repair

Notebook Repair

Servers repair

Monitors and Printers Repairs

Replacing Motherboards

Adding  Replacing RAM Memory,

Video Cards repair

Hard Drives repair

And Optical Media. Desktop

Assembly according to customer needs.

All material used is always of prime choice.

We take care of notebook, desktop and server repair of all brands and models. Our repair center guarantees maximum professionalism in problem analysis, solving it quickly and at a very interesting cost. Seriousness and transparency are our winning cards.

The customer, through our panel, can at any time know the progress of the repair.


Replacing the motherboard, Replacing the LCD monitor display LED-LCD, Replacing the Keyboard Keyboard, Replacing the Power Supply Connector, Batteries New Original and Compatible, Original and Compatible Power Supplies (Electronic Control), Hard Disk Replacement.

The motherboard of a laptop is a very complex circuit.

The detection of electronic failure sometimes requires several hours of analysis.

Very often, it happens that a broken electronic component on the PCB hides another unworkable component. Almost always, it is necessary to proceed to successive steps by checking the branches of the circuit connected to the replaced component. This is to test for the existence of additional damaged components.

A motherboard will have a greater chance of being repaired when it has not been tampered with.

it is important to consider that it is not possible to repair boards that have already been attempted to replace components, or you cannot replace BGA chips on Mothers already warmed up.

After the repair has finished, the desktop notebook will be re-mounted and tested for 24 hours. If you are still facing any problem related to computer or Laptop repair or data recovery then connect with us to give a call @ 0557503724 UAE Technician to resolved your all concern

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Apple repair | Apple Repair Dubai by UAE Technician

apple repairCall us @ 0557503724 for best Dubai Apple repair services

Welcome to UAE Technician for Apple Repair services – repairs, maintenance and consulting around Apple Mac.

We at UAE Technician you with comprehensive services around the Mac. We advise you before buying install and maintain your equipment and repair it in the event of a defect. We take care of the technology – and you have the head free for your creativity. We are the competent contact for companies and private customers.

Our Apple Repair services:

  • Repairs (Apple devices *, except iPhone)
  • remote maintenance
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Apple service and support.

* iPads : We are repair of defective parts and also complete device exchange.

UAE Technician is a certified Apple Repair service provider:

Contact your Apple repairs we will help you competently and reliably:

apple repair

  • We offer service within and outside the manufacturing guarantee.
  • Your orders are run by four Apple Certified Technicians.
  • Most repairs can be done within one working day.
  • Your sensitive data is secure with us and do not go out.
  • For customers with a desktop Mac, we provide a free on-site service in conjunction with the Apple Care Protection Plan.
  • In case of hard disk defects, we can often recover deleted or destroyed data.

We are happy to take care of your concerns. To avoid waiting time, please make an appointment. The throughput times are generally three to five working days (depending on the complexity of the diagnosis), often less.

To make a service appointment, call 0557503724.

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iPhone repair and shipping in Dubai

Those who live far away from Dubai main City or cannot come in personally at repair services centre in Dubai but need to fix their iPhone, can send us by mail and we will repair it. Thanks to our iPhone repair and shipping services, in fact, the UAE Technician service does not know the distance for the customer services.

You have the option to ship your iPhone by mail or courier explaining to us what is the problem or, if you know, what type of repair you want it to run. We, received your iPhone, will take care of it and make sure you come back as before. However, for technical issues that may not depend on us, we strongly encourage you to back up any data you do not want to be lost before sending out your iPhone. Our technicians are highly specialized in the maintenance and repair of Apple products, so you can rely on Serious Care at UAE Technician for your iPhone.

We treat with utmost care and attention to every detail the iPhone we repair. We have a lot of experience and are prepared to repair all models: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6.

Experienced and professional, our technicians only use genuine Apple parts to service and repair them to ensure maximum performance, perfect compatibility with your device, and all the quality that the Apple brand assures. We also recommend that you use only original Apple accessories to prevent damage or malfunction.


Send us your iPhone damaged without any  hesitation, even when it seems to you that the damage is irreparable or issues that require too much costly intervention: many times what is apparently a big deal in the eyes of our staff could be an ordinary repair that, without spending a lot of money, can give you a perfectly functioning smartphone.

Maintenance and repair of the iPhone are often routine interventions that allow you to always have an iPhone at most of its chances and longer life. Taking care of your iPhone, even with the support of technicians who know where to put your hands, is the best way to make the most of your device and enjoy full performance throughout your life cycle.

One of the warnings is what we’ve already said: Make a backup of the data. We can not assume responsibility for any data loss while repairing your iPhone, so it’s best to save a backup before you ship your iPhone. We also advise you to send us sim cards or other accessories along with your iPhone, so we can take responsibility for everything that comes to us only for the time spent in our lab: everything that happens during shipping is not our responsibility, so, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents, only send your iPhone.


Repairing your iPhone from UAE Technician costs less and is faster. We will receive your iPhone, we will repair it as soon as possible and we will send it back to you instantly. You will be able to bring your iPhone as new in just a few days.

Many have already chosen to try UAE Technician iPhone repair and shipping service in Dubai.

Contact us @ 0557503724 for more information about service costs and details!

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Dell Laptop Repair in Dubai, UAE

Call us @ 0557503724 for gating Dell Laptop Repair services in Dubai

I know that your laptop is very important for you. If you are doing the work regularly on your laptop. Dell laptop is one of the international laptop brands. Are you facing any hardware issues with your laptop like laptop heating issue, screen crack, liquid damage, keyboard Keys issues, motherboard related and any issues with your laptop & computer. Don’t worry! We have especially Dell Laptop Repair team for giving solution for any kind of issues related to your laptop, which is repair your laptop where you comfortable like your doorstep and office.

Dell laptop water damage repair in Dubai

The water and any kind of liquid spilled over the keyboard and the screen on your Dell laptop. Your laptop damaged and your laptop screen color went white. Don’t irritate! Call us now at 0557503724 to resolve all issues which is looking by you. We have ten years experience in repairing field of Dell computer & laptop. We are also providing services on your doorstep and office where you are comfortable. Our Dell repair technician can pick up your laptop from your home and office to repair your laptop anytime in Dubai, UAE .

The Dell Laptop Repair services which is provided by us. Such that like: –


  • Dell-service-center
  • Dell-laptop-screen-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-battery-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-hard-disk-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-adapter-repair
  • Dell-laptop-motherboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-heating-repair
  • Dell-laptop-camera-repair
  • Dell-laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-water-damage

What we offer:

  • 24*7*365 hours services.
  • Drop It Off or we pick it up – You Decide
  • Services available at anywhere in Dubai
  • Used only Dell Genuine Parts
  • Specially Technician Team for Dell laptop

Contact us @ 0557503724 for resolve Dell laptop water damage repair issues at anytime and anywhere in Dubai.

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iMac repair in Dubai, UAE

Dial 0557503724 for iMac repair in Dubai, UAE

We’re here to help for your iMac system. Apple-certified repairs are performed by trusted experts, who use genuine Apple parts. And only Apple-certified repairs are repairing your iMac book. Start your repair request now via iMac services provide number or visit to our website more about iMac repair services.

iMac repair for Battery issues and screen replacement

If you’re experiencing an issue with your battery, your Mac notebook might require a repair. And you want to replace your iMac battery. Contact me for replacement and change your battery. Are you looking any kind of issues  related to the iMac like screen replacement iMac glass change etc.? Such as like:-

  • iMac Motherboard Repair
  • iMac Keyboard Repair
  • iMac Glass Change
  • iMac screen Replacement
  • iMac Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Hanging Home screen help
  • Battery replacements
  • And many more iMac related issues.


For best apple certified technician to provides solutions related to any issues of iMac repair Call us @ 0557503724.

What we offer:

  • Services provided at anywhere in Dubai
  • Only used iMac Parts
  • Specially Trained and apple certified Staff
  • Free convenience
  • 24*7*365 hours services.





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