Computer Hardware Repair Services in Dubai by UAE Technician

Repair, when done well, is always the most convenient solution in the field of computer science

The repair when done well, it is always the most convenient solution in the field of computer science. It is in standard situations, but it is even more if it is a recent or very special product. UAE TECHNICIAN at its headquarters in Dubai has a very active laboratory entrusted to highly specialized technicians. Customers can call us, bring our own equipment from us, meet personally the repair manager; a technical sheet will be filled in which will describe the conditions of the pc upon arrival and the work to be carried out. Later, in a timely manner, the customer will be contacted by the lab and will decide in full autonomy if proceeding with the repair on the basis of the quote and the advice of the technicians; once approved,

If the customer decides not to repair, only a small fee for technical analysis and consultancy will be charged. If, instead of repairing outdated material, it would be more appropriate to buy a new car from us, the evaluation fee and advice will be reversed at the time of the balance of the new material. In its nearly ten years of life, UAE TECHNICIAN ‘s service center has solved all sorts of problems, trying to always put the top spot in full transparency on the client’s interest and needs. It’s not always easy for people to separate themselves from their Notebooks or Tablets; the advice of our technicians always tries to ensure that the convenience and the demands of those who rely on us go hand in hand with objective evaluations.


In addition to our Technician Centre, UAE TECHNICIAN employs a valued network of specialist centers for damage assessment and problem solving; we get quick and definitive results through cutting-edge professional tools and highly qualified staff.


What do we repair?

Notebook repair

Personal Computer repair

Monitor repair

Playstation repair

Xbox repair

Nintendo Ds repair

Cell Phones repair

Tablet repair

Smartphone and iPhone repair

iPad repair

We believe to provide the satisfactory solution to our all valuable clients always. So feel free to connect with us for computer related hardware, software or network related issue.

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