Computer, Laptop Repair Services Center in Dubai

We are at UAE Technician located in Dubai and providing the complte computer repair, Desktop Repair as well data recovery services in Dubai.

We are dedicated to recover your all Laptop and desktop repairing concern at very much affordable price in Google. So please call us about For Computer, Laptop & Mac Repair within very much affordable price in Dubai.

We provide the best repairing service for the following issue in your computer.

Quick access to Personal Computer,

Notebook Repair

Notebook Repair

Servers repair

Monitors and Printers Repairs

Replacing Motherboards

AddingĀ  Replacing RAM Memory,

Video Cards repair

Hard Drives repair

And Optical Media. Desktop

Assembly according to customer needs.

All material used is always of prime choice.

We take care of notebook, desktop and server repair of all brands and models. Our repair center guarantees maximum professionalism in problem analysis, solving it quickly and at a very interesting cost. Seriousness and transparency are our winning cards.

The customer, through our panel, can at any time know the progress of the repair.


Replacing the motherboard, Replacing the LCD monitor display LED-LCD, Replacing the Keyboard Keyboard, Replacing the Power Supply Connector, Batteries New Original and Compatible, Original and Compatible Power Supplies (Electronic Control), Hard Disk Replacement.

The motherboard of a laptop is a very complex circuit.

The detection of electronic failure sometimes requires several hours of analysis.

Very often, it happens that a broken electronic component on the PCB hides another unworkable component. Almost always, it is necessary to proceed to successive steps by checking the branches of the circuit connected to the replaced component. This is to test for the existence of additional damaged components.

A motherboard will have a greater chance of being repaired when it has not been tampered with.

it is important to consider that it is not possible to repair boards that have already been attempted to replace components, or you cannot replace BGA chips on Mothers already warmed up.

After the repair has finished, the desktop notebook will be re-mounted and tested for 24 hours. If you are still facing any problem related to computer or Laptop repair or data recovery then connect with us to give a call @ 0557503724 UAE Technician to resolved your all concern

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