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Lenovo Laptop Repair: Lenovo service center in Dubai

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We will explain how to take your laptop to Lenovo service center, without losing the guarantee and save money on the repair of your equipment. It must be taken into account that, very often, the official repair services are not located in our same location or that it is only a collection point from where it is sent to the official Lenovo laptop repair. In UAE Technician we offer you the possibility of managing the guarantee procedure of your computer equipment, mobile device, tablet or video game console.

How UAE Technician manages the Lenovo service center

  • Collection of equipment at the indicated location
  • Processing of the guarantee and follow-up of the repair
  • Equipment reception and exhaustive equipment test
  • Delivery of repaired equipment

You can also process the guarantee of your equipment through the telephone indicated at the bottom of the page, following the instructions that we provide. It should be noted that, when sending the equipment, we must bear in mind factors such as:

  • Is the equipment under warranty?
  • Is the fault covered by the warranty?
  • Can the failure be considered out of warranty due to misuse or failure due to humidity?Lenovo service center dubai

Errors or failures that leave us without warranty:

  • Moisture detected in the portable equipment, both inside and outside.
  • Physical damage on the outside of the equipment or on the motherboard.
  • Equipment manipulation
  • Error in the purchase invoice or the absence of it.

If the repair is not covered by the manufacturer or is not covered by the warranty for misuse, you can request a quote through the form on the right. You can also do so by approaching the UAE Technician office in Dubai or by phone at 0557503724.

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